(Today’s is a short one)

Wisdom is one of the most powerful characteristics we can have. Wisdom can prevent us from making irrational life-altering decisions. Wisdom brings awareness to our lives, which prevents us from allowing our mind to have tunnel vision views. Wisdom allows our mind to be in a constant state of growth. This is why we should value this trait more than gold itself.

Most of us will choose gold and the few that do want to be wise are not willing to do the little things to become wise. Wisdom does not just fall out of the sky, it starts small and slowly grows big. This explains why we value the gold, because it is instant gratification.

We do not however have to be that way. Making wise choices is the first step to breaking that cycle. Another step we can take is to seek and associate with wise people. We can seek out wise mentors and listen to their advice. We all need someone wise in our life. If we go behind the scenes of those that are successful we see the wise people that surround them. Everyone needs mentors. Even mentors need mentors. It is our mentors who we obtain wisdom from. We must never stop seeking wisdom, even when we obtain it! The truly wise share their wisdom too!

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